Bengal kittens for sale

Welcoming our 4 new Snow Bengal kittens!

BORN 4/5/2021

Bred out of 

Sangelia ❤️ Bentley


Dam Seal Lynx Point

Sire Mink


Kittens are available to reserve!

More photos coming at 3 to 4 weeks of age.

Please read!

No kitten is officially reserved until a $500 deposit is received! This is the only way to be fair to all potential customers. No exceptions! This is then deducted  from the total price. The total price is due around the time of picking up the kitten at 13 to 14 weeks of age. Deposits are non refundable.

We accept PayPal, Zelle, personal checks, or Money Order 

Price of the kittens include; early spay and neuter, full exams, health certificate, fecal/deworming, first and second age appropriate vaccines, Tica registration and a copy of Sire and Dams pedigree.

When kittens are young their rosettes don’t look like much at all, as the kitten ages the rosettes will slowly begin to separate and open up, forming a third color inside the rosettes. Keep in mind that each kitten develops at a different time frame. But they get more beautiful as they grow.

What is bengal ‘FUZZY STAGE‘ ?

Fuzzy stage is when a kitten is starting to grow longer white hairs, basically camouflaging their markings. This is nature’s way of protecting the young from predators. Starting around 4 weeks old and lasting until the kitten is about 16 weeks old. It’s at it’s worst around 7-13 weeks old, right about the time the kitten is ready to go home. But this fuzz will fall off, leaving a well-defined coat at around 4 months of age. But it takes a few months for the true coat to fully develop. 

Excellent Rosettes and pedigree!

All of our adult cats are tested for HCM, Pra, Pk def, FIV, FeLv.


When it comes to delivery a lot of my customers will drive to come pick up their kittens in person and some fly.

A ground delivery throughout the USA is around 485 to $585. it also puts the kitten on the road for a few days, which can be pretty stressful on the kitten.

Airline ✈️ however is around $300 round trip in and out of Pensacola, and is much faster! You can fly in to pick up your kitten and fly out with your kitten, all in the same day.