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Hello and welcome to our Bengal kitten page! 

If you are searching for a Bengal kitten, then look no further!. We specialize in quality SBT Bengal cats, that range in different colors such as Silver, Snow, Brown and Charcoal and once in awhile the very rare Blue! We are a Tica Registered and health screened cattery! We do have kittens frequently so if you’re looking for a particular color such a snow silver or charcoal, please check back frequently!

For pricing or questions about any one of our kittens you may

call or text

️ 1 850 225 8404

Facetime, Video call is available to view a particular kitten before you place your deposit! 

Kittens are normally ready for pickup at around 12 to 16 weeks of age!

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Pricing: Different litters may have different pricing, text or call to find out price on a kitten.

Sometimes we also have adult Bengals available for a lower cost, that are looking for their forever home. Please click on available adult Bengals on top of the page to check!

Welcoming New Snow Bengal kittens 

DOB 4/28/2023 



Purple Collar Female

Seal Mink Bengal

Solid / Marble Pattern 

Beautiful chocolate brown color. 




Blue Collar Male 

Seal Mink Bengal

Solid / Marble Pattern 





Seal Mink Bengal 




Additional information!

Please keep in mind, that No kitten is officially reserved until a $500 non-refundable deposit is received! This is the only way to be fair to all potential customers! No exceptions! This is then deducted off the total price of the kitten which is due at, the time of pick up! 

The health of our Bengal cats is our top priority, therefore we do regular check ups on all of our breeding cats, including annual HCM scanning, which is only done by a licensed cardiologist. 

We are located in Navarre Florida, which is located near east of Pensacola, Florida NW panhandle. We have many clients who fly to us from all around the country. Flight Nanny services are also available, but that is a separate cost to the flight nanny.


How to pick up your kitten?

If you live out of state and you’re interested in a kitten, then flying round trip would be your best and fastest option. Kitten or kittens can go with you as a carry-on.. not cargo  Tickets on Expedia are fairly cheap if booked in advance. You would fly into Pensacola international airport or Fort Walton airport, we would meet you at the airport, and bring the kitten to you along with their paperwork. We also have a flight nanny for extra cost. Driving is another way to pick up your kitten.   


We accept Zelle, personal checks, or Money Gram for (deposits only..) Remaining balance is paid at the time of pick up!.


About kitten bengal ‘FUZZY STAGE‘ ?

Fuzzy stage is when a kitten is starting to grow long hairs, somewhat camouflaging their markings. This is nature’s way of protecting the young from predators. Starting around 4 weeks old and lasting until the kitten is about 18 weeks old. It’s at it’s worst around 7-13 weeks of age, right about the time, when the kitten is ready to go their new homes. Do not worry, their baby fuzz will start to clear out and fall off by 19 weeks of age, leaving a well-defined beautiful silky coat. It also takes a few months for the true pattern/color and markings to fully develop. But they sure get more beautiful as they age!


Frequently used terms.


Available: means the kitten is available to reserve! 

Reserved: means the kitten has already been reserved! 

Under evaluation: means the kitten is under evaluation for a potential breeder/ keeper/ and awaiting genetic test results. Please check back in a couple of weeks as that kitten may become available.. 

Please be aware of scammers advertising Bengal kittens for low cost!. A quality Bengal will never be cheap. A quality Bengal kitten will always be $2,500 and up! Do your research, do a video call before sending money to anyone. We have herd way to many horror stories!