Bellissimi Bengals

Bellissimi Bengals

Bellissimi Bengals

Bengal Kittens for sale!


Food: We will send you the information for food separately, as each kitten may have their own different diet needs. Please ask if you are unsure.
I can’t stress this enough, but it is extremely important that you stick to the same food, same everything during transition to your home. Any changes you want to do should be done later.
Bath: We do not recommend baths, especially when they are transitioning to your new home! That will take time, and each cat is different when it comes to water. But definitely we do not recommend this during transitioning.
Arriving Home: When you bring your kitten home, and after a long trip, first thing you do, is put the kitten in the litter box! It might have been a long trip for your kitten, and I’m sure he or she needs to go!!
The kitten/ kittens can be placed in for example, either your master bedroom, or bathroom or maybe your child’s room.
In this room the kitten should have her food, water, litter box, scratching post, safe nonedible hard toys.
Kittens should remain in this room for up to a week. But usually by this time they want to get out and explore. When you see that your cat or kitten is no longer afraid, and eager to get out, then you can slowly start opening the doors to the rest of your house. Isolating them for a few days is highly important as this will help in transitioning your kitten to your home and will help to de-stress her!
I also recommend that you let them be for the first couple of days let them sniff around that room first and then you could start coming in sitting on the floor with them spending a little time and so this will give you the opportunity to bond with them and this is so important in a space where they cannot hide from you. This helps the bonding process and the relationship between you and your Bengal.
Litter box: You also want to see that they are using the litter box in their room. Kittens are fully trained; however, stress may cause an accident. Especially important during transition. Make sure the litter box is always near them.
Adjusting to your home may take 2 days to 2 weeks. At some point they will learn to trust you!
Here below are some recommendations that you can buy for your cat and kitten.

A basic easy to wash Litter Box

FelinePine Wood Litter. Ask about litter.

Highly recommend! Cat Tree

Highly recommend! Scratching post!

Opional, Cat Water Fountain

Opional Bugging' Out Cat Toy

Definitely must have. Colorful spring Cat Toys

Definitely must have. Rechargeable Laser Pointers

Definitely must have. Ping Pong Balls

Raw is best, to use for treats, bur only in moderation.

Optional Cat Scratching Mat

Highly recommend when kitten is at least 7 month old! Cat Wheel

They love it! Catnip

F1 Bengal Crate System

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