Bellissimi Bengals

Bellissimi Bengals

Bellissimi Bengals

Bengal Kittens for sale!


All of our Queens are genetically tested for Bengal genetic disorders that may sometimes run in their lines, these tests include, Pra-b, Pk def. We also test 49 additional genetic tests done through wisdom panel! Addition to that all of our Queens also have HCM screening annually!


(Brown bengal )❤️
Gorgeous girl, medium size classic rosettes leopard type, pure for spotting, nice reddish coat, and beautiful bright contrast with gorgeous green eye. Super sweet, great temperament and personality! We just love her!
PRA, PK NN, HCM clear


Seal Mink Bengal
Beautiful snow mink girl. Gorgeous bright aqua eyes. Very gentle in Nature, great temperament. Produces beautiful snow kittens. PRA, PK NN, HCM clear!



Miku is a F1. First generation, meaning her daddy was ALC. We absolutely love this gorgeous girl, she is large female and almost 12lb. very rare that a female cat would be this large. She has amazing temperament, high energy, great structure short ears beautiful thick tail absolutely stunning, everything that a Bengal should be! Thank you KatLaDue for this stunning stunning girl!
The sound of a F1 bengal kitten Miku! Their sound is definitely a little bit different sometimes they sing when they meow they do resemble more of the Asian leopard cat!
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