Our queens



(Brown bengal )❤️

Gorgeous girl, medium size classic rosettes leopard type, pure for spotting, nice reddish coat, and beautiful bright contrast with gorgeous green eye. Super sweet, great temperament and personality! We just love her!

PRA, PK NN, HCM clear



Praslin Rose Collins

Silver Bengal ❤️

This lovely girl is our newest addition. We are so thrilled with her. Beautiful Stunning girl,with large clouded rosettes.. we are super excited what this beautiful girl will bring us in the near future. A big thank you too Nikoletta. 💕

PRA, PK NN, HCM clear!



White star Olivia 

Mink Bengal ❤️

Another new addition that has arrived not too long ago, is a beautiful snow mink girl. The sweetest girl ever, gentle in Nature, great temperament, we just love her and can’t wait to see her future litters. Thank you to Ekaterina 💕. PRA, PK NN, HCM clear!



Sasha of Bellissimi

Sashas is an amazing girl, and has produced many beautiful babies. She produces the most stunning babies with beautiful three tone rosettes and nice glitter. She’s also very super smart and keeps all the other girls in line!