Wildfireshine ASHES of bellissimi

(Charcoal bengal)❤️

This bengal is our Charcoal. She has amazing pattern on her sides and belly, and wears a mask on her face, as well as a black cape over her back. Her coat is super soft and very shiny. She is a lynx carrier. She has the most striking green eyes with a beautiful head type. Ashes also has the most wonderful temperament. We just love her, and are looking forward to many litters to come.  Thank you so much Olga for this beauty! Apb/a. C/cs❤️




(Brown bengal )❤️

Gorgeous girl, medium to size classic rosettes leopard type, she is a brown bengal with a nice reddish tone, and beautiful bright contrast. Super sweet, great temperament and personality! We just love her! ❤️ Thank you so much Larisa for this beauty!



(Brown bengal )❤️

Sasha is a gorgeous bengal, large rosettes, leopard type three colors, nice dark outline around her rosettes, with glittered coat. Very nice head type. Very striking girl, super sweet. Top pedigree! Sasha is the boss of all the cats and the biggest girl! Thank you so much Larisa for this beauty! ❤️


SANGELIA of Bellissimi

(Seal lynx bengal)❤️

Sammy is a gorgeous lynx bengal with large clouded rossettes, glittered coat, beautiful blue eyes, great head type. She is very sweet in nature, very gentle, great temperament. We just love this girl, and looking forward to her kittens. Top pedigree ❤️


Leominipard DIAMOND queen OF Bellissimi

(Silver bengal)❤️

This gorgeous girl is our newest addition. Very stunning silver, her color is truly amazing, her color changes under different lighting. She looks almost blue gray, absolutely stunning in real life. Pictures don’t do justice.

She has beautiful symmertical rossettes, very wild look to her. charcoal carrier. Great temperament. Absolutely love this queen. We are very thrilled in what this beauty will bring us in the near future. Can’t thank you enough Anastasia for this beauty. Top pedigree.❤️



 Love godiva of BELLISSIMI

This beautiful brown Rossetted girl has beautiful large clouded rosettes, great contrast, tri color, glittered coat, beautiful head type. She has a wonderful temperament, always purrs. She loves to run on the cat wheel. We are looking forward to beautiful litters from her in the near future. Just love her.❤️