Diet For Our Bengals

Life’s abundance

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All of our adult Bengals are fed nutritionally balanced RAW diet. 

However we start our kittens on canned food and dry food, and we recommend life’s abundance for the kittens, as this is what they will be used to eating when they leave here.

A lot of science went into the pet food industry over the years, AND today’s premium foods are nutritionally balanced and safe!. 

SAFE you ask? 

WHAT WE like about Life’s abundance is that each batch of food is made fresh, it doesn’t sit on store shelves for years, the food is fresh! The food is also very reasonably priced about the same as any other store brand. ANOTHER reason? Life’s abundance never had a recall, and if they ever did, each customer is in their system with the customer’s name and contact information. So THE company would contact you to let you know if there is a problem. Can store brand food do that? Not really, only if many pets have already died from a potentially contaminated PRODUCT fed to them. If you like to learn more about this company click the red link above.

WE provide our Bengals with the healthiest holistic high quality FOOD. WE also MAKE sure they have fresh clean water every day. We recommend Life’s Abundance, holistic food for all life stages for our kittens. This is what they’re going to be used to eating when they leave our Cattery.  THEY also have grain-free option. They have kibble, wet can FOOD, treat options, and much more. All of our kittens are on this brand and what can I say, they just love it, plus it Keeps them super HEALTHY! The cost of this brand is also not too BAD at all. Bottom line is, we believe our cats food should be fresh, safe, and healthy for them, and should not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives!

Life’s abundance also sells canned food for cats and DOGs, fish oil, people products, supplements for pets and PEOPLE, and so on. Their brands are not sold in stores.

SO we recommend that you stick to the same brand of diet for the kittens as when they leave here.  Changing their diet could cause upset stomach refusal to eat and diarrhea. if you are interested to give it a try please click on the link above.

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