Bengal Studs


Meet our first ALC Asian leopard

Zikki Ramsey

Our next years Stud to produce F1s 

Thank you Mrs Patty of Spot O Luck for this stunning little rascal. ❤️




MazeratI Aka Mazze of Bellissimi

Brown Bengal

This gorgeous male is simply stunning. He is brown bengal with gorgeous red tonEs, very large clouded rosettes. Top pedigree. Gorgeous green eyes, very nice head type. Short ears, and short thick tail. Super friendly boy, we are very pleased with this boy. Photos aRE from when he was young.








Patrick of Bellissimi 

Brown Bengal

This beautiful lovely male was born here at Bellissimi Bengals cattery. He is a brown bengal with a super silky short smooth coat, beautiful reddish tint, great contrast, and gorgeous large rosettes, with stunning green eyes. Super love bug and a total lap cat! 




Bengaluxe DARKNSTORMY of Bellissimi

Silver Charcoal Bengal❤️

This lovely boy aka Storm,  is our newest addition. Top pedigree. He’s a gorgeous silver charcoal with amazing large rosettes. This boy is truly amazing a big love bug. We can’t wait to see what he will bring to us in the near future. A huge thank you to Louis at Bengaluxe. 



Castle leo Amaretto of Bellissimi

Silver Bengal ❤️

This is another one of our stunning silver boy, a new addition to our program. Top pedigree. Love this boy. Nice rosettes with dark outlines. Beautiful head type, nice short ears and thick tail.

Always stands on my back when cleaning his area! 🤣



Praslin Silver Martini of Bellissimi 


This gorgeous boy came from the Netherlands.  Nice large clouded rosettes.. Super sweet boy, what a character, always in your business. Thank you so much Nicole for this gorgeous beautiful handsome boy. Can’t wait to see what this boy will bring to us. ❤️ 






Ambersands Belmont Vinnie of Bellissimi

Vinny is a gorgeous silver boy who came from Poland.. Our newest addition, we have yet to see future babies from this gorgeous Male.