Our Stud boys!



Meet our ALC,

Asian Leopard Cat! 

The foundation cat!

Zikki Ramsey!

Zikki has been amazing! He is over a year old now, and just a ham. The alc is mainly used for breeders to produce early generation Bengals. The ALCS are solitary cats, but they will bond with that one special human for life, after all they are wild blood.  He is currently producing F1 babies for us. F1s are my personal favorite! I think their personalities and sound is quite different than the more domesticated Bengal. If you are interested in a F1 please check your state laws as in some states you would have to probably have a license to own one. But definitely not hard to get. Such a sweet boy!❤️




Patrick of Bellissimi 

Brown Bengal

This beautiful SBT lovely male was born here at Bellissimi Bengals cattery. He is a brown bengal with a super silky short smooth coat, beautiful reddish tint, great contrast, and gorgeous large rosettes, with stunning green eyes. Super love bug and a total lap cat! ❤️ 




Bengaluxe DARKNSTORMY of Bellissimi

(Silver Charcoal Bengal)

This lovely SBT boy aka Storm, is our newest addition. Top pedigree. He’s a gorgeous silver charcoal with amazing large rosettes. This boy is truly amazing, and a big love bug.❤️



Praslin Silver Martini of Bellissimi 



Martini came to us from the Netherlands.  Nice large clouded rosettes.. Super sweet boy, what a character, always in your business. He is a proven stud and producing gorgeous babies. He carries the blue gene, which makes him that much more special. Handsome boy! ❤️ 




Bluey of Bellissimi 

There’s a reason why we call him Bluey. He is the very rare color Blue, most however would not know the difference between a silver and a silver blue by looking at them. In most photos, lighting makes a huge difference. He is a total love bug, and we can’t wait to see what this beautiful boy will bring us. He was born right here at Bellissimi Cattery. 


Bengal kittens for sale!

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Bengal kittens for sale!

Bengal cats for sale!