Senator of Bellissimi

This super lovable boy is a stunning  brown spotted Bengal, with large rosettes, nice contrast, with lots of red tones. Senator has gorgeous green eyes with a beautiful head type. He is a big talker and talks over all of us all the time.  Extremely friendly temperament with everyone. We are excited at what this stud has to offer with our wonderful queens.







Bentley of Bellissimi

Bentley is our newest Addition. Gorgeous Seal Mink Bengal. Beautiful rossettes, against his snow contrast, and gorgeous aqua / blue eyes. He is a super sweet boy, great temperament. Looking forward to his many future litters!


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MAZERATI aka Mazze OF Bellissimi

This gorgeous male is simply stunning. He is brown bengal with gorgeous redish tones as well, and very large clouded rossettes. Top pedigree. Gorgeous green eyes, very nice head type. Super friendly boy, we are very pleased with this boy, I’m looking forward to many litters from him!














Patrick of Bellissimi

This beautiful lovely male was created here at bellissimi Bengals cattery. He is a brown bengal with a super silky short smooth coat, beautiful reddish tint, great contrast, and gorgeous large rosettes, and. He has gorgeous green eyes with a great head type. Super lovable and a total lap cat! 

































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