Our boys!


Meet our ALC the Asian leopard ca!

Zikki Ramsey!

He is a year old now and hopefully soon will be producing some F1s for us! Such a sweet boy! F1s are usually much more pricier then the SBTs.❤️



Patrick of Bellissimi 

Brown Bengal

This beautiful SBT lovely male was born here at Bellissimi Bengals cattery. He is a brown bengal with a super silky short smooth coat, beautiful reddish tint, great contrast, and gorgeous large rosettes, with stunning green eyes. Super love bug and a total lap cat! ❤️




Bengaluxe DARKNSTORMY of Bellissimi

(Silver Charcoal Bengal)

This lovely SBT boy aka Storm, is our newest addition. Top pedigree. He’s a gorgeous silver charcoal with amazing large rosettes. This boy is truly amazing, and a big love bug.❤️



Praslin Silver Martini of Bellissimi 


This gorgeous boy came from the Netherlands.  Nice large clouded rosettes.. Super sweet boy, what a character, always in your business. Thank you so much Nicole for this gorgeous beautiful handsome boy! ❤️